A ‚Coffee to go‘ in Prague? Why is Prague’s coffee the best?

Do you already know the five, six, seven or eight reasons that are the reason why coffee in Prague is really the best? Prague is far more than just the Czech capital – over the past years it has become the coffee metropolis of Europe. The coffeehouse-culture is a very important aspect of day-to-day life in Prague. London, Berlin, Vienna and New York are out. Prague sets the trends today. Visitors who like to spend their time in a café


Italian Renaissance

Italy in the news. Within very few weeks central Italy was shaken by multiple earthquakes, especially in the Toscany and Marche regions. Some of the shocks even reached strenghts of up to 6,5 MW on the richter scale between August and October 2016. Many people lost their lifes, were injured and lost all of their belongings. An unimaginable amount of art and historical relics was lost in one of Italy’s most important cultural regions. We want to use this article