Offenes Indien

150 Jahre Gandhi – Altes Indien in der Moderne

Indien, wie wir es Heute kennen, wurde in der Historie von vielen Kulturen beeinflusst. Es gab denkwürdige Schlachten um das derzeitige indische Gebiet. So war es in der Vergangenheit unter Persischer Kontrolle, bekam durch diese Konflikte große Einflüsse der Islamischen Kultur, bis hin zur Kolonialisierung des Britischen Empires. Bis es eben besagter Gandhi schaffte…


Chalkidiki – Griechenland

Bis vor kurzem reisten die meisten Griechenland-Urlauber noch nach Santorini, Mykonos oder Korfu und die Halbinsel Chalkidiki südöstlich von Thessaloniki an der Ägäis war noch ein Geheimtipp – nun mausert sie sich aber immer mehr zur neuen Trenddestination. Kein Wunder: Reisende erwartet in dieser Region neben der besonderen griechischen Gastfreundschaft lange Sandstrände, kristallklares Wasser, kulturelle Highlights und eine pulsierende Multi-Kulti-Metropole. Chalkidiki ist bekannt für ihre so genannten „drei Finger“ – Kassandra, Sithonia und Athos -, die im Nordosten Griechenlands ins


Travelling Australia? Those are things you’ll need to see!

Australia – what is it that makes this continent so special? Why do so many tourists travel all they way to the other end of the world to spend their vacations in Australia, when Europe offers beautiful destinations so much closer? The answer is quite simple: No other country offers its visitors so many different contrasts in terms of landscape, like vast deserts, jungles and reefs. The Blue Mountains, Ayers Rock and the Wave Rock are only three of Australia’s


Lisbon – where the history of seafaring is omnipresent

Lisbon – where the history of seafaring is omnipresent Seafarers, pirates and the sea still attract me today as they did when I was younger (when I was in my bed under the blankets reading just about every book about pirates and adventurers I could with shining eyes and a sense of excitement). Lisbon combines a lot of historical events, people and legends with its millennia old history; it’s the city of famous pirates and world adventurers Lisbon – a


Five of the best restaurants in Florence

Buon appetito! Fitting to our matching article ‘Florence for beginners’, we’re taking a look at the culinary side of Florence now. Whether in a bistro, in a chic Michelin star-restaurant or in a typical Florentine Osteria – depending on your taste, you will find the right locality in Florence. We have picked five of the best restaurants in Florence that you should not miss during a trip to the cultural and gourmet paradise. All’Antivo Vinaio For years, this typical Florentine


Autumn time is short holiday time

When the leaves shine golden in autumn, it won’t be long until they fall. With the leaves also the temperatures drop down and the winter comes with all its side effects: peaks of glittering snow, smooth ice rinks, dripping noses and woollen caps on the head. The shortened days with their pale sunlight let the body be sensitive and prone to getting colds. But a time out in the South or a fast city tour can easily while away the

The restaurant Clarette in London

London City Guide: Our top 5 of the best restaurants in the trendy Marylebone district

Last weekend we visited the British trend city London for a short trip, not only to be enchanted by its most beautiful sights like the Big Ben or the London Eye, but also to get spoiled with culinary delights. Let us tell you this much: The chefs of these restaurants succeeded in all respects! As our accommodation was located in the heart of the Marylebone district between Hyde park and Regent’s Park we have made it our mission to take

Lissabon hält viele Bars und Kneipen bereit

The best bars and pubs in the trend-city Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, attracts numerous visitors every year. No wonder, since the charming city captivates with its friendly locals, cultural treasures, a very special and unique metropolitan flair and a beautiful view over the seemingly endless Atlantic Ocean. But especially in the evening, when the sun has set behind the horizon, the city awakens and attracts a multitude of people to visit its colorful streets to celebrate in one of the many bars and pubs, meet friends and


The most beautiful New Year’s Eve trips to the largest cities in Europe

New Year’s Eve is getting closer and you just can’t decide where to celebrate the magical moment of the year’s change and welcome 2018? How about a unique trip to some of Europe’s most trendy cities, where you will not only experience an unforgettable turn of the year but also get to know many foreign cultures? We did our research and found six stunningly beautiful cities with unique New Year’s Eve events & traditions, guided by professional tour guides that


Hiking on Islands: The best hiking trails on Crete

If you take a look at Crete on a world map, you’ll immediately be fascinated by the enormous diversity of the Cretan landscape. As a hiker, you will find almost all conditions for a successful hiking holiday: Several mountains ranging up to 2,450 meters in height, long seemingly endless sandy beaches, high plateaus that offer wide views and an east-west orientation of 254 km. The unique landscape of rocks, green meadows and forests, deserted paths and towering mountains can be


Hiking on Islands: The best hiking trails on Corfu

A hike in Corfu will not only leave you forgetting your daily routine, but you will also have a wonderful view of the green meadows, mountain chains, the Mediterranean, secluded bays and much more. Hiking on Corfu is unique and beautiful. In this article, I would like to introduce all the most beautiful hiking trails and paths on the green emerald island of Corfu to all hikers, trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers. Historical natural treasures – What makes the Greek


The best pubs (and beer types) in Prague. Are there any other reasons for a trip to the Golden City?

If you want to discover the best pubs during your visit in Prague, the best way is to get some informations in advance as there are a lot of great pubs in Prague. Prague is the spotlight of beer. Brands such as Budweiser, Gambrinus or Pilsener are just some of the most famous and popular beer types. With this article, we want to give you an overview of the best beer pubs in Prague.

Virgin Limited Edition, Kasbah Tamabot

The Kasbah Tamadot – the new celebrity hotspot

The Kasbah Tamadot – the new celebrity hotspot It’s not long ago, that the Resort Kasbah Tamadot in the Moroccan Asni won the first place in the ‘Travel and Leisure’ category with the best hostels in Northern Africa and the Middle-East. Ever since, Northern Africa’s best hotel offers its customers attractive deals for booking and stays.   What’s makes the Resort Kasbah Tamadot special? About 20 years ago, the British entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin music lable as well


This summer is going to be musical: The best classic festivals in Germany

Enjoying cocktails, having a relaxing barbecue and taking a refreshing dive in a public pool – that all sounds like a perfect summer. Is there anything that could make the hot months even more exciting? Yes there is: Combining the summer heat with art and culture. Take a trip with Studiosus to a world of unforgettable events. We did our research and found the four nicest festivals in Germany, perfect for a short trip this summer! Schlossfestspiele Regensburg This year


The best tips for traveling the Indian Ocean

Whether you’re planning on traveling around or spending your whole journey on a single island – the Indian Ocean offers some of the most beautiful places on the planet. The Seychelles, La Reunion or Mauritius are some of the most renowned islands within the Indian Ocean. Today we’re going to show you everything you absolutely need to know about and present you with some interesting background-facts: What’s so special about the Indian Ocean? The most important things in my opinion